• We reserve the right to make any last minute changes or adjustments to your custom order as needed
  • Out of respect for other designers, we do not replicate designs. Please keep this in mind if you are sending us photos. Don’t get us wrong – we love cake and cookie pictures, and we will use them for ideas, but your final creation will not be the same as in the photo!
  • Please note that there may be discrepancies with colour matches
  • We strive to make as much of your cake as possible edible, but sometimes it’s not possible. Many of our cakes have wooden dowels used for support and some pieces of your cake may have toothpicks, wires, etc. that are used to hold pieces together or attach them to the cake.

Transport Tips

  • Try to transport your cake on a flat surface. The floor of your vehicle may be a better place than your seat, because seats are often slanted.
  • If possible, get somebody to come with you and hold your cake on the way home!
  • Try to keep your cake cool. Use your A/C in the summer and keep your cake out of the sun.

Cancellation Policy

We require at least 72 hours notice of cancellation for most orders. For wedding cakes and other large orders, at least two weeks notice is appreciated. Your initial deposit will not be refunded.